Best Way to Combine Multiple PST files with PST Merge Software

Exhausted with the multiple PST Files?  Wants to combine multiple PST Files for your ease? 

Combine multiple PST files

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Check out the points which I am going to discuss PST Merge and Its Importance

  • Outcomes of a large number of PST files.
  • Manual Method to merge PST files
  • The drawback of a manual method to combine multiple PST files.
  • PST Merge software:  Alternative of manual method

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What is PST Merge? Is it vital for effective email management?

PST merge is a process to combine multiple PST files into a consolidated one to ease Outlook PST file management and overcome the issue of email malfunctioning.

What are the common causes that can affect Outlook email when a number of PST files grows?

Numerous PST file can lead to the unnecessary occupation of space that can further increase to corruption in Outlook email client.
Multiple PST files can hamper the performance of Outlook making it slow
One of the disadvantages of multiple files is the creation of duplicity of emails from the same user. So it is always recommended for the users to combine multiples PST files.

How to easily manage MS Outlook email client for smooth working?

Talking about a scenario when prolong use of Outlook result in accumulation of Multiple PST files that can lead to great amount of confusion for Outlook users. To get rid of this, users Combine Multiple

Is there any viable email management solution to Merge Multiple PST files into one?

There are two ways one can resort to achieve PST merge:

  1. Freeway or manual method
  2. Commercial ware or third-party utility

Manual procedure to combine Multiple PST Files

Step os PST merge Software

  • Start Outlook email client and locate PST files to be merged.
  • In order to create new Outlook PST file, you have to click on New Items > More Items > Outlook Data File.
  • Create or Open Outlook Data File window will pop up. Define a name for this new PST file and click OK.
  • You can find the new PST file in the navigation tab. Now you have to Click File tab, then select Open and go for Import option.
  • As the Import and Export wizard will be opened you have to Choose “Import from another Program or File” option from the list and then click Next
  • Now Select file type (.pst) to import from and then click Next
  • After this Browse to choose the file and check the box “Do not import duplicates” and click on Next
  • Finally, choose the folder to import and you have to check “Include subfolders” and “Import items into the same folder in” checkboxes, and then click Finish.

To be very frankly everyone would go for the manual method first to combine multiple PST files as the first preference to resolve the issue, but commercial comes come to the service with more features and functionalities that can ease the entire process of PST Merge.

Let’s explore some benefits in a commercial ware tool that makes it indispensable for such email management process that overshadow the free manual procedure. Third-party utility stands fair chance to excel in a number of ways making it the first choice for users when it comes to saving time.

Drawback of manual steps to merge PST Files

The manual method is a slow process that is time to consume as it requires you to move each email of Outlook into a new PST file, so it doesn’t make sense when you are associated with any origination as professional. Third-party software is swift giving a fast performance by Merging Multiple PST files of Outlook in one shot.
The manual method is not a reliable secure option as it does not guarantee a safe combination of PST files. Whenever you are performing the manual process by switching PST files from one location to another, there are more chances that manual way can result in loss of crucial data. On the other hand going for third-party utility is completely secure as it works in safe mode maintaining the integrity of the original file.
You need to be technically sound while performing the manual process as missing or skipping any step can be harmful to vital data. While third –party tool come packed with intuitive and interactive graphical interface that is easy to understand for both novice users and computer professional.
Therefore users have to figure out the right authentic software solution. Internet software market gives the wide option of reliable software solution by multiple established or regular vendors. PST Merge Tool is one of a kind windows based utility loaded with powerful features and functionalities and precisely tuned to give

Alternative of Manual Steps (  PST Merge Software )

PST Merge Tool is one of a kind windows based utility loaded with powerful features and functionalities and precisely tuned to give a satisfactory result. With noteworthy key features like an instant merge of an unlimited number of PST files into a consolidated one while maintaining the integrity of the email data. Now the best part of this utility comes from its easy -to-understand software interface that is enhanced by intuitive and interactive GUI that requires no technical knowledge to both a novice user and computer professional. With complete compatibility, this software supports all version of MS Outlook Email Client.

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Hope this blog will help you to merge PST Files with great ease.